AdPress Theme Overview

Managing ads on WordPress has never been so easy, introducing the AdPress Theme the theme that takes all of the guess work out of ad placement. This theme will enable you to make more money in less time, and help you to keep making money by earning ad clicks over and over.

How is it built?

The AdPress theme is built using best practices set forth by professional Internet advertising companies, such as Google’s AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, AdBrite, and others. By following these best practice examples while building this theme you can be assured that your account will be kept intact by using this theme.

What Does Built Using Best Practices mean?

All this built according to best practices sounds great, but what do it all mean exactly? Well some of the above listed Internet advertising companies, have and set forth recommendations for the best page layouts to use for showing their ads, these are not guidelines but more of a general rule for best results. These best practices were kept in mind when building this theme, and it will reflect when the clicks start rolling in.

On top of this, many of these same advertising companies, suggest that you only put a certain amount of ads on a single page. Many will also enforce this by banning your account if you are found to be disregarding this. This theme will keep track of the ads shown on the page and make sure that a maximum of three ad blocks are shown on one page. This will ensure that you are getting the max amount of ad impressions, but are not in violation of any codes of conduct, thus your account will stay intact and you’ll be a happy Internet marketer for years to come.

This Sounds great but what else does it do?

While the above features are good, they are nothing that would really set a theme apart enough to make it worth spending any money on. The truth is that’s just where this theme is getting started. The AdPress is built utilizing machine learning in order to place the ads just where your visitors will be most likely to click on them. Your visitors won’t be able to resist clicking on an ad!

The AdPress Theme is just getting started

This theme is just getting started, it’s in early alpha stage development, and is still getting many other major features and functions added to it regularly.

Thanks for your interest in the AdPress theme, if you like the sound of the theme so far be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can keep up on the latest news.

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