Five Part Series: Generating Steady Income with AdSense

If you’re looking to build a steady income using the Internet you’ve come to the right place, in this five part series I will be covering everything from picking a niche, picking the right domain, building the site, to getting traffic.

AdSense is a great way to monetize a web site, and it is possible to generate a steady income with AdSense sites. First you’ll have to do some brain storming, and research to find the right niche for you to build your site in. In this part of the series I’ll cover picking a niche that works for you, teach you how to determine the amount of competition and how much interest people have with the particular niche.

Picking a Niche

This isn’t as hard as it may first appear (although it is somewhat time consuming), but being that you are looking to primarily monetize this website using AdSense it’s important to keep this in mind while conducting research. I’ll try to break things down as simple as possible, I’ve split everything into five easy-to-follow steps.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is think about yourself, what kind of things are you interested in? Also think about the fact you’ll be writing about this topic day after day, make sure that you will be able to do this. It may help to write these down on a piece of paper so you can think on them farther. If you can think of at least a few topics different niches that you would interested in; you’ll be well on your way to finding the right niche for yourself. Not only will you not mind writing about these, it’s also very possible that you know things about this topic that other people may not and it’s probably safe to assume that they would be interested in finding out what you know, making your site an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

For the next step you’ll have to start doing some research. You’ll want to conduct some web searches to see what the current level of market interest is in this particular niche. It might be hard to determine the amount of interest people have in this particular niche from just the search results alone, so don’t worry about trying to figure this one out to much (I’ll cover this in the next step). While you’re searching you’ll also want to make a note of how saturated the search results are, if you see a ton of results for your searches chances are it’s pretty saturated.

Next you’ll want to try and learn more about the competition in these niches, for this you’ll want to do a couple of things. One of the first is to choose a keyword tool, something like the AdWords’ keyword tool will work fine. Use the keyword tool to determine the amount of competition in the niches you’ve picked out (this will also help you determine how much interest there is in each particular niche). You’ll also want to find some of the top ranking sites in each niche and use a tool like Open Site Explorer to determine how hard it would be to get up towards the top of the front page of the search results. The more links and age that each of the sites at the top of result have the harder it will be to earn a top spot. However, if you’re favorite niche is looking like it might be difficult to break into; don’t get discouraged just yet. Visit the top ranking sites and see what they are doing and try to determine how they are getting to the top, if you can think of a new or better way to deliver this information/value you may be in luck and might be able to easily get to the top of the results.

Now, you’ll want to take a look at the amount of money that might be possible with each of these selected niches. To do this grab your list of niches and consider the keywords that people will be using to find your website. Think about which keywords you’ll be targeting in order to get the most traffic to your website, it might be useful to use the AdWords keyword tool here again. After making a list of the possible keywords that you’ll most likely be targeting open up the AdWords keyword tool, on the left towards the top select the “Traffic Estimator” option. Then enter in the list of keywords that you have just put together, after it’s finished estimating you’ll be able to see what the average cost per click is, consider that you’ll probably only be getting 70% of this number. Keep in mind that this of course isn’t 100% accurate in determining what you’ll be getting paid, but it will give you a rough idea of what you’ll be looking at.

Once you’re all done with the previous four steps it’s now time to choose your niche. In the end it’s up to you which one you choose, but you’ll probably want to look for a mix of all of the above. Meaning try to choose the one that you are most interested in, without a whole load of competition that will still give you decent AdSense earnings.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering how to pick the perfect domain name to use for your AdSense niche site, and how to get some great content.

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