Generating Steady Income with AdSense: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of a five part series about: how to make money using AdSense to monetize a website. For the second post I am going to cover the steps to choosing the perfect domain name for your niche, along with what type of content to use for you new site.

First I would like to cover the steps that should be taken to find the perfect domain name, or least the ones that will work best for you and your website. As I did yesterday I will break this whole process down into 10 easy to follow steps.

The first step is generating a list of keywords that could be used to find a site in your niche, hopefully you already have some from picking your niche. A great way to find some more would be to use the AdWords keytool again, but if you’re looking to gather combinations of keywords from there make sure that you select the “exact phrase” option. Once you have a list of keywords you can start trying to pair them and combine them in to see what sounds the best and that would be easiest to remember.

Something else to keep in mind would be to make sure the domain is unique. Do a few Google searches before choosing a domain name, you don’t want to end up with something that is closely related to an already existing domain name. While you’re at it make try to keep away from just adding a prefix or suffix to an already existing domain. Finally try to keep away from creating a domain name based on a misspelling, I know there are many websites currently out there that have creatively misspelled words as domain names but if they don’t own the correct spelling they are probably missing out on a lot of traffic.

Stick with the dot com

Many people are most familiar with this version of domain name, making the easiest to create a brand and get your site recognized. The same as the last point this will also help when it comes to type in traffic, most people go straight to the dot com before trying out any other extension. However, if you would like to build a site with another domain extension that is possible but it would be best to also own the dot com version and redirect it to whatever other extension you would like to use. In example, Wikipedia is a popular site with a dot org extension but they also control the dot com version and redirect the traffic.

Make it easy

It’s also important to make sure the chosen domain is easy to type as well as remember. Make sure that it isn’t to long or if there isn’t a choice but to make the domain name long make sure that it is easy to remember. Don’t use obscure words or obscure spelling of words that people won’t be able to remember, this will be one of the quickest and easiest ways to loose type in traffic. Also if it’s not easy to remember it’s possible that a lot of other traffic will be missed out on as well. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of traffic to a website can depend on word-of-mouth and dominance in the SERPs, so it’s important to choose something that will be memorable and unique to your site.

Create and Fulfill Expectations

If somebody hears or reads your domain name they should be able to get a clear image of what they will be able to find on your website. It’s important that this image hold true for them, if it doesn’t it could lead to your visitors becoming disappointed and you don’t want visitors leaving your website disappointed, because theres a high potential of them not coming back again and they most definitely not mention your website to anybody else (or at least not how you want your site mentioned).

Copyright Infringement

Before choosing a domain name for your website it’s important to take a few minutes and make sure that it doesn’t violate any copyrights. The easiest way to do this is by visiting and search there before buying your domain name.

Hyphens and Numbers

When choosing a domain it’s best to stay away from both hyphens and numbers as they can be confusing for visitors to remember. And as mentioned earlier a lot of traffic can come from word of mouth and of course search engines and if your visitors can’t remember exactly how your domain is laid out it could easily spell trouble for your website.


Choose something that is unique to your site, something that will be easy to create a brand for that will be all yours. Don’t just choose a group of general words that people use to find sites in your niche, might it “pop” to your visitors. Think about sites like Facebook it combines two multiple things into one simple domain name, rather than called it something like The later would be much tougher to create a unique brand for as it uses more general words, albeit they are still relevant but just create a blah feeling.


Lastly, it’s important not to follow the latest trends when selecting a domain name. In example some of the latest trends when it comes to web development are CSS3 and HTML5 among others. But these are just the latest trends and in a few years that won’t be relevant any longer and people will no longer be looking for them. Making domains built on a trend worthless.

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