Generating Steady Income with AdSense: Part 2

Getting Content

Getting the right content to fill a website after choosing the perfect domain name. To fill the website that you will be building with your perfect new domain name, you should choose to use what else but the perfect content. Of course you’ll want it to be relevant to your niche but you’ll want it to be a little but more than that.

Unique and Keyword-Rich

When getting content to fill your new website you’ll want to make sure that it’s unique and that it has the keywords that you would like to target within the content itself. There’s a few ways to go about getting this content from writing it yourself to outsourcing to a third party. There are many different sites out there that help webmasters find writers to create content for them, one of the best places to find people to create content for your site is oDesk articles usually cost around 5 dollars but the quality is good and of course they are unique.


If you would like your site to stand out a little bit more from the crowd you might also consider getting better content then something that is just unique and keyword rich. You’ll want it to be good accurate information but also written in such a way that will draw your readers in and cause them to feel the need to share what they have just read on your site with others. This will help in many ways, from the short term of getting extra traffic from these visitors sharing your content with friends but also many times this sharing also creates links back to your site. All of this together means more traffic, and higher search engine rankings.

There’s really no right or wrong way to go about creating content for your website. It’s up to you to decide what quality of content you would like to have on your site, but the better the quality the better it will be for your site. And when it comes to quantity some say that you only need a few pages of unique content, while others feel that it’s best to post something new on a regular schedule. One last thing to keep in mind matter which direction you decide to go with content creation is that no matter how great your content is if your page is littered with ads people/other webmasters are less likely to link back to you.

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