The Long-Awaited and Much-Anticipated AdPress Lite Theme

Edit: Download link is now fixed, sorry about that.

I’m not sure if anybody has been following along all this time, it’s very overdue. The AdPress lite (download) theme is finally here and ready to dramatically increase your click-thru rate. It features clean line and optimal ad placement.

AdPress lite has multiple positions for ad displays, an extensive options page, is SEO optimized, and hooks right into your Google Analytics account. Ad placement is inspired by Adsense best practices, although you can easily use other ad networks too. Download now.

adpress lite theme screenshot

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Generating Steady Income with AdSense: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of a five part series about: how to make money using AdSense to monetize a website. For the second post I am going to cover the steps to choosing the perfect domain name for your niche, along with what type of content to use for you new site.

First I would like to cover the steps that should be taken to find the perfect domain name, or least the ones that will work best for you and your website. As I did yesterday I will break this whole process down into 10 easy to follow steps.

The first step is generating a list of keywords that could be used to find a site in your niche, hopefully you already have some from picking your niche. A great way to find some more would be to use the AdWords keytool again, but if you’re looking to gather combinations of keywords from there make sure that you select the “exact phrase” option. Once you have a list of keywords you can start trying to pair them and combine them in to see what sounds the best and that would be easiest to remember.

Something else to keep in mind would be to make sure the domain is unique. Do a few Google searches before choosing a domain name, you don’t want to end up with something that is closely related to an already existing domain name. While you’re at it make try to keep away from just adding a prefix or suffix to an already existing domain. Finally try to keep away from creating a domain name based on a misspelling, I know there are many websites currently out there that have creatively misspelled words as domain names but if they don’t own the correct spelling they are probably missing out on a lot of traffic.

Stick with the dot com

Many people are most familiar with this version of domain name, making the easiest to create a brand and get your site recognized. The same as the last point this will also help when it comes to type in traffic, most people go straight to the dot com before trying out any other extension. However, if you would like to build a site with another domain extension that is possible but it would be best to also own the dot com version and redirect it to whatever other extension you would like to use. In example, Wikipedia is a popular site with a dot org extension but they also control the dot com version and redirect the traffic.

Make it easy

It’s also important to make sure the chosen domain is easy to type as well as remember. Make sure that it isn’t to long or if there isn’t a choice but to make the domain name long make sure that it is easy to remember. Don’t use obscure words or obscure spelling of words that people won’t be able to remember, this will be one of the quickest and easiest ways to loose type in traffic. Also if it’s not easy to remember it’s possible that a lot of other traffic will be missed out on as well. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of traffic to a website can depend on word-of-mouth and dominance in the SERPs, so it’s important to choose something that will be memorable and unique to your site.

Create and Fulfill Expectations

If somebody hears or reads your domain name they should be able to get a clear image of what they will be able to find on your website. It’s important that this image hold true for them, if it doesn’t it could lead to your visitors becoming disappointed and you don’t want visitors leaving your website disappointed, because theres a high potential of them not coming back again and they most definitely not mention your website to anybody else (or at least not how you want your site mentioned).

Copyright Infringement

Before choosing a domain name for your website it’s important to take a few minutes and make sure that it doesn’t violate any copyrights. The easiest way to do this is by visiting and search there before buying your domain name.

Hyphens and Numbers

When choosing a domain it’s best to stay away from both hyphens and numbers as they can be confusing for visitors to remember. And as mentioned earlier a lot of traffic can come from word of mouth and of course search engines and if your visitors can’t remember exactly how your domain is laid out it could easily spell trouble for your website.


Choose something that is unique to your site, something that will be easy to create a brand for that will be all yours. Don’t just choose a group of general words that people use to find sites in your niche, might it “pop” to your visitors. Think about sites like Facebook it combines two multiple things into one simple domain name, rather than called it something like The later would be much tougher to create a unique brand for as it uses more general words, albeit they are still relevant but just create a blah feeling.


Lastly, it’s important not to follow the latest trends when selecting a domain name. In example some of the latest trends when it comes to web development are CSS3 and HTML5 among others. But these are just the latest trends and in a few years that won’t be relevant any longer and people will no longer be looking for them. Making domains built on a trend worthless.

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Five Part Series: Generating Steady Income with AdSense

If you’re looking to build a steady income using the Internet you’ve come to the right place, in this five part series I will be covering everything from picking a niche, picking the right domain, building the site, to getting traffic.

AdSense is a great way to monetize a web site, and it is possible to generate a steady income with AdSense sites. First you’ll have to do some brain storming, and research to find the right niche for you to build your site in. In this part of the series I’ll cover picking a niche that works for you, teach you how to determine the amount of competition and how much interest people have with the particular niche.

Picking a Niche

This isn’t as hard as it may first appear (although it is somewhat time consuming), but being that you are looking to primarily monetize this website using AdSense it’s important to keep this in mind while conducting research. I’ll try to break things down as simple as possible, I’ve split everything into five easy-to-follow steps.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is think about yourself, what kind of things are you interested in? Also think about the fact you’ll be writing about this topic day after day, make sure that you will be able to do this. It may help to write these down on a piece of paper so you can think on them farther. If you can think of at least a few topics different niches that you would interested in; you’ll be well on your way to finding the right niche for yourself. Not only will you not mind writing about these, it’s also very possible that you know things about this topic that other people may not and it’s probably safe to assume that they would be interested in finding out what you know, making your site an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

For the next step you’ll have to start doing some research. You’ll want to conduct some web searches to see what the current level of market interest is in this particular niche. It might be hard to determine the amount of interest people have in this particular niche from just the search results alone, so don’t worry about trying to figure this one out to much (I’ll cover this in the next step). While you’re searching you’ll also want to make a note of how saturated the search results are, if you see a ton of results for your searches chances are it’s pretty saturated.

Next you’ll want to try and learn more about the competition in these niches, for this you’ll want to do a couple of things. One of the first is to choose a keyword tool, something like the AdWords’ keyword tool will work fine. Use the keyword tool to determine the amount of competition in the niches you’ve picked out (this will also help you determine how much interest there is in each particular niche). You’ll also want to find some of the top ranking sites in each niche and use a tool like Open Site Explorer to determine how hard it would be to get up towards the top of the front page of the search results. The more links and age that each of the sites at the top of result have the harder it will be to earn a top spot. However, if you’re favorite niche is looking like it might be difficult to break into; don’t get discouraged just yet. Visit the top ranking sites and see what they are doing and try to determine how they are getting to the top, if you can think of a new or better way to deliver this information/value you may be in luck and might be able to easily get to the top of the results.

Now, you’ll want to take a look at the amount of money that might be possible with each of these selected niches. To do this grab your list of niches and consider the keywords that people will be using to find your website. Think about which keywords you’ll be targeting in order to get the most traffic to your website, it might be useful to use the AdWords keyword tool here again. After making a list of the possible keywords that you’ll most likely be targeting open up the AdWords keyword tool, on the left towards the top select the “Traffic Estimator” option. Then enter in the list of keywords that you have just put together, after it’s finished estimating you’ll be able to see what the average cost per click is, consider that you’ll probably only be getting 70% of this number. Keep in mind that this of course isn’t 100% accurate in determining what you’ll be getting paid, but it will give you a rough idea of what you’ll be looking at.

Once you’re all done with the previous four steps it’s now time to choose your niche. In the end it’s up to you which one you choose, but you’ll probably want to look for a mix of all of the above. Meaning try to choose the one that you are most interested in, without a whole load of competition that will still give you decent AdSense earnings.

Tomorrow I’ll be covering how to pick the perfect domain name to use for your AdSense niche site, and how to get some great content.

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AdSense Monetization Vs. Affiliate Revenue

This could possibly be one of the most devastating revelations for the people standing high on their soap boxes preaching to us that there is no better thing than an affiliate program. You may have seen around the Internet that some people have tried giving AdSense a bad rap, they say that it’s a “noobie crutch” and if you want to make any real money you should run am affiliate site. Well I’m here to tell you that its just not true, in fact AdSense could be the better choice when it comes to some niches in particular. In fact I would like to prove it to you right here in this post today.

AdSense better than an Affiliate Program

Yes, this could very well be true and in fact it is true in many cases. However, the truth of the matter is that you have to choose the right tool to do the job at hand. For this post I would like to use the example of building a site in the insurance niche, and of course it’s important to make sure that everything is fair so I’ll be covering the potential earnings that could be expected from a site that is “trying” to monetize with an affiliate program and then take a look at a site that is monetizing using AdSense.

Affiliate program payouts

If somebody was to setup a website for the insurance industry niche and choose to monetize it using an affiliate program they could expect a payout of $20 to $25 per new customer sent to the insurance company. At first glance this sounds pretty good, right? Well, let’s take a closer look at this shall we? Take a look at the fine print, that payout is for a NEW CUSTOMER which means that the affiliate won’t get payed unless they send the insurance company somebody that has their money out and ready to hand over. This payout isn’t for sending them a new lead or a potential customer.

What does this mean?

Well basically what this means is that an affiliate program in this niche will not make anybody any money, that is expect for the insurance companies. Let’s take a look at the math to illustrate may point. Taking a look at a qualifying amount of data, it’s possible to see that the normal purchase rate of somebody that clicked through on the affiliate link is around 1.75% (for simplicity I’ll round this up and call it 2%). But, let’s go a step farther with this to see just how much somebody can expect to make in this niche using an affiliate program.

Visualization of Clicks Vs. Conversions

I’m going to follow my above trend and keep the numbers in this math simple, while still being accurate. So let’s say that this site is getting enough qualified traffic to generate 100 ad clicks, and we already know from above that there is a 2% conversion rate which means that out of those 100 clicks this site ends up with 2 sales. For the benefit of doubt let’s assume that the payout is on the high-end ($25), so this site has just been able to make $50 dollars profit off of those 100 clicks. Now you might be thinking well that’s not to bad, I could live with those earnings and that’s fine but first let’s take a look at some other possible options.

Improving Earnings with AdSense

For this I would like to once again keep the math as simple as possible while keeping everything as accurate as possible. So taking a quick look at AdSense I can tell you that right now the payout on insurance ads is hovering around $1.45 per click. Right there you’re probably already doing some quick math in your head saying yup thatĀ AdSense is the better option. But let me finish out the math so we can look at it in black and white and enjoy the site of it shall we?

Comparison of AdSense earnings Vs. Affiliate earnings

So let’s keep with those same 100 click troughs but this time the site will be getting payed for each one of those clicks, that’s $1.45 per click as a matter of fact. Which adds up to $145 in earnings for those same 100 clicks that we saw earlier and that poor affiliate that was only making $50 for those same exact clicks.

Why does this happen?

Well, the answer for this can get pretty complicated but let me keep it simple, ok? When an advertiser chooses to run an affiliate campaign they typically look at it as a low cost advertising channel. They set the affiliate payout of sending a new customer high enough so that it looks appealing, but they know that the chance of getting paying customer from affiliates is going to be well 2% out of every 100. However, they know that they still get to keep the leads and all the added exposure that comes from it, well that’s the bonus for them “Free Advertising”.

However, when it comes to AdSense there are multiple insurance agencies all competing against each other for the same spot, and they know that the one paying out the most will be able to grab that top spot. So they are willing to pay a little extra in order to grab that top spot away from their competitor even though they will end up paying more for it in the long run. Why do they do this? Well that’s a topic all on it’s own and deserves its very own post, so I will just tell you that it has to do with them “maximizing coverage”.

In conclusion, I hope that I have been able to prove to you that choosing to go with an affiliate program because somebody else has beaten into that it’s the way to go, or the fact that the high payout prices look appealing is not a good reason to go down that path. And in fact AdSense could end up earning you much more money in some niches. My main point to all of this is to do your homework first, find out for yourself which monetization method would be best and most profitable for your websites niche.

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AdPress Theme Overview

Managing ads on WordPress has never been so easy, introducing the AdPress Theme the theme that takes all of the guess work out of ad placement. This theme will enable you to make more money in less time, and help you to keep making money by earning ad clicks over and over.

How is it built?

The AdPress theme is built using best practices set forth by professional Internet advertising companies, such as Google’s AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, AdBrite, and others. By following these best practice examples while building this theme you can be assured that your account will be kept intact by using this theme.

What Does Built Using Best Practices mean?

All this built according to best practices sounds great, but what do it all mean exactly? Well some of the above listed Internet advertising companies, have and set forth recommendations for the best page layouts to use for showing their ads, these are not guidelines but more of a general rule for best results. These best practices were kept in mind when building this theme, and it will reflect when the clicks start rolling in.

On top of this, many of these same advertising companies, suggest that you only put a certain amount of ads on a single page. Many will also enforce this by banning your account if you are found to be disregarding this. This theme will keep track of the ads shown on the page and make sure that a maximum of three ad blocks are shown on one page. This will ensure that you are getting the max amount of ad impressions, but are not in violation of any codes of conduct, thus your account will stay intact and you’ll be a happy Internet marketer for years to come.

This Sounds great but what else does it do?

While the above features are good, they are nothing that would really set a theme apart enough to make it worth spending any money on. The truth is that’s just where this theme is getting started. The AdPress is built utilizing machine learning in order to place the ads just where your visitors will be most likely to click on them. Your visitors won’t be able to resist clicking on an ad!

The AdPress Theme is just getting started

This theme is just getting started, it’s in early alpha stage development, and is still getting many other major features and functions added to it regularly.

Thanks for your interest in the AdPress theme, if you like the sound of the theme so far be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can keep up on the latest news.

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